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Competition report - May 2006

Scott, Natasha & Stephen; Picture © Dave Kingaby 2006Harrow Grade 1, 21st May 2006

After the disappointment of failing to qualify for National Finals a month ago in Wales, Stephen Page and Natasha Holme achieved it with flying colours in Harrow. Scott Gregory had already qualified early in the season and is developing skills ready for Nationals, Stephen Page and Natasha Holme were running out of competitions however. Requiring a minimum set score of 22.5 and a combined set and voluntary score of at least 52.5 Stephen & Natasha knew what they had to do and they delivered.

Scott & Stephen were first to compete in the Under-15 boys group and finished the set round on track for qualifying scores with 22.7 and 23.5 respectively. The voluntary, however, saw Stephen gain sufficient confidence from his 1 point buffer to take his routine steadily and this paid dividends as he returned an aggregate score of 53.6 and went into the final round in 5th place. Scott, however, more focussed on trying to beat his previous performances tried just that little bit too hard and crashed out after 4 moves scoring an aggregate of only 33.7. The final round saw Stephen fully relaxed and, repeating his voluntary routine, improved his form marks sufficiently to increase his margin in 5th place over the 6th placed performer but not enough to get into medal contention.

Natasha's performance in the Under-15 girls group shortly after went one stage beyond, finishing the set round on 24.6 she created a huge buffer for herself and was amazed to find herself lying in joint 1st place. As Natasha did not have a high tariff voluntary routine she needed to ensure she maintained good form in the voluntary to qualify and this she did with an aggregate score of 54.5 taking her into the final in joint 5th place. Similarly to Stephen, Natasha also entered the final round with confidence and improved her voluntary form score by a whole mark but, on a slightly lower tariff than most of the other finalists, this was not enough to lift her above 5th place which is where she finished.

Speaking after the competition the club's High Performance Coach, Paul Kitchen, commented that "yes, it has been harder to qualify this year but this is part of a deliberate strategy by British Gymnastics to bring the overall level of quality upwards. This is to do with looking forwards to 2012 Olympics rather than simply short term and I am pleased our performers were able to rise to the challenge and qualify to the National Finals."

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