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Home Trampoline - Danger!Dangers of Summer

With google showing a marked increase in searches for trampolines over May and June (see attached) it is likely that many parents are considering buying garden trampolines thinking of the hours that will be whiled away for their kids over the long holiday.  For many, though, many hours may also be whiled away in A&E departments with one Scottish hospital recently having reported treating nearly ten injuries a week over a 6-week study period!

British Gymnastics recently issued a warning about use of such trampolines, encouraging all those considering their purchase to consider formal lessons in their use.  Local Brentwood Trampoline Club has published the guidance notes accompanying this warning on their website (Trampoline Safety) and encourages all prospective purchasers of garden trampolines to read it before buying.  Brentwood Trampoline Club is a GymMark accredited club and is open throughout the summer and, with advance notice, will be able to provide temporary spaces to those wishing to learn some basic techniques.  All 90-minute sessions are £6 each plus BG insurance after the first visit.  Full contact details are on the club's website.

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