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Letchworth - Eastern Region Grading - 13th January 2008

Great Success for Brentwood Trampoline Club

With 17 of its grade 3 to 5 members travelling to the North Herts Leisure Centre in Letchworth for the first regional grading of the year, Brentwood Trampoline Club was hopeful of achieving some success but was absolutely delighted to see more than 75% of its competitors winning a trophy or medal! When taking into account the success of those scoring new personal best scores the figure rose to a stunning 82%! This outcome set the scene for an important year in British Gymnastics Trampolining since the entire competition structure is due to change after the National Finals in July to a system which is much more geared to progression towards regional and national representation and, for the first time, allows for relegation as well as promotion at all levels - all competitors will therefore be looking to establish themselves as far up the new grade system as they can through their performances this year.

Grade 5

At the lowest regional level, the club's grade 5 competitors will be hoping to establish themselves in a regional grade G or F although may end up in the club grade H. Competing in the large under-11 age group, 9-year-old Rebecca Martin made an excellent start taking 2nd place with two new personal best scores; her team-mates 8-year-olds Alice Hussey and Emma Martin, both new to this grade, performed well and completed their routines. In the, also large, under-15 age group 12-year-olds Abbie Goldsmith and Charlotte Hussey performed well with Abbie also setting two new personal best scores to take 2nd place and Charlotte scoring a new personal best. 14-year-old Charlotte Toms in the under-17, and 16-year-old Mark Hardiman in the over-17, age groups also saw success with Charlotte posting a new personal best to take 3rd place and Mark securing a 2nd place.

Grade 4

The grade 4 competitors will be hoping to end the season in the new regional grades E or F although may have to settle for G; based on their performances in Letchworth, though, it seems unlikely that any will need to settle. Harriet Gill and Kallum Sherlock, both 11, in the girls and boys under-13 groups respectively, saw success, reaching the final round and taking 3rd and 1st places - on the way Kallum posted a personal best in each round and Harriet also scored 2 new personal best scores. 12-year-old Heidi Bartlett and 13-year-old Lauren Wylie were competing in the under-15 age group and both saw the huge improvements in their performance reflected in their taking 1st and 2nd place and qualifying to compete at grade 3 - Lauren also scored 3 new personal best scores and Heidi 2. Emma Richardson started to compete in the over17 age group but had to withdraw after the set round.

Grade 3

All of the club's grade 3 performers saw significant achievements potentially putting them on their way to Regional E or D(Home Nation) competition in the new structure. Harry Gannon, 12, cruised to a convincing win in the under-15 boys group and although not seeing any new personal best scores competed his highest tariff preparing for a possible move to grade 2 later this year. The under-15 girls team, 12-year-old Ellie Clarke and 13-year-olds Chrissie Law and Lizzie Nicholls were convincing team winners with Chrissie also 1st in this large group, Ellie in a close 3rd place and Lizzie not far behind that. The final performer was 18-year-old Anthony Williams who also took 1st place and qualified to grade 2 with two new personal best scores on the way.

Hard Work with Basic Principles

Speaking after the competition head coach Paul Kitchen commented:

"this was an excellent day for Brentwood Trampoline Club and reflects the hard work we have been putting in to get the basics right. There are still too many performers out there who are all about difficulty and who neglect form and the basic mechanical principles that underpin performance at higher levels - these are the ones who will not survive in the new system!"

Interested in trampolining?

Courtesy of a significant contribution from the Jack Petchey Foundation, Brentwood Trampoline Club is currently in the process of training more coaches and is looking to significantly expand its competitive programme at all levels over coming months. If you would like to be a part of this highly successful and nationally known club why not contact them on 01277 220722, pop in & see them in action some time (and possibly have a bounce) or maybe just have a look at the club's web site at which contains full details of sessions, results and information about many other facets of trampolining.