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New Season Highs

Winning membes of Brentwood Trampoline Club take a 1-2-3

Susanna, Georgia and Jess make it a 1-2-3
at the regional grading

Picture courtesy of DE Photo Ltd

The past few weeks have seen all levels of Brentwood Trampoline Club engaged in competition as the new season gets under way and in the process an exceptional level of success.


The first event was the Zonal Finals of the National School's competition in which 8 of the clubs members competed, representing 5 different schools, with 7 winning through to the National Finals to be held in Bristol in March, the 8th was just one place off doing so as well:

Regional Grading

A week later was the Eastern Region Grading competition which was hosted by Brentwood TC with over 150 entries from 17 clubs.  Brentwood's members were entered into 12 different classes (of 20) where they won 8, came 2nd in 3 and 3rd in 2 more including another, particularly satisfying, 1-2-3 in the highly competitive under-13 female grade G.  Five members were also among just 18 on the day who qualified to compete at higher levels. Medallists were:

National Gala

A fortnight later saw the first Gala Weekend, being held in Gloucester where Hannah McCann & Charlotte Webb were competing in the under-15  and Chrissie Law in the under-17 National C classes.  This was a mixed competition with disappointment for Chrissie (on balance just an unlucky day for her when compared to her training performance), but delight for Hannah & Charlotte. 

The under-15 competition was a story of persistence for both girls with Charlotte also showing consistency.  In 1st place after the set round Charlotte was 3 places ahead of Hannah and, in points at least, pulled further away in the 1st voluntary but dropping to 2nd against Hannah's 3rd.  At this point both had secured promotion points and qualification for national finals.  The 2nd voluntary, though, saw Hannah pull out all the stops to secure 1st place only on tie-break against Charlotte, on an overall personal best score, who had to settle for 2nd place.  Their scores were sufficiently high that had they been competing in the FIG B class they would have taken 3rd and 4th places there!