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Sunderland - European Trial - 9th March 2008

Scott for GB in European Championships

Brentwood Trampoline Club’s most advanced trampolinists have had a hectic few weeks culminating with two European Trial events to select the UK team for the upcoming European Championships. With strong performances at both national grades many of the clubs members have achieved their primary objectives, often with trophies and much improved personal scores along the way, but Scott Gregory has managed to excel. Having qualified to National Finals and for Men’s competition in the first competition at Eastleigh he was able to focus on selection for the British Team. The selection trials took place over two weekends; the first running in parallel with the Bournemouth Gala weekend and the second a special competition in Sunderland. Scott won both convincingly now firmly establishing himself not only as the countries leading junior trampolinist but also as a future Olympic potential.

Other significant achievements include Stephen Page’s demolition of previous personal best scores and winning the grade 1 at Bournemouth, Hannah McCann’s continued rapid growth easily winning both the grade 2 at Eastleigh and the grade 1 validation at Bournemouth and Anthony Williams second place in the Bournemouth grade 2. Both Gemma Phillips and Natasha Holme also showed some promise recovering from a disappointing competition in Eastleigh to achieve the qualification marks they needed at Bournemouth.  Matt Wright also showed some improvement in form at Bournemouth but was unable to repeat that at Sunderland.

Speaking afterwards Scott said "Last year I got to the World Championships which was good but this year I'm going to the European Championships in a leading position. That is awesome but it means I really have to deliver now!"

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