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Lauren - spinning a plate
... and Emma
Jack Petchey winners
And there was dancing!
Celebrating Success

After a highly successful year Brentwood Trampoline Club relaxed last weekend at its annual awards evening and family disco. The event was a great success with all those attending thoroughly enjoying the dancing and plate-spinning activities. The more serious part of the evening though, was about recognising the successes and achievers of the year, in particular recognising those that had been awarded Jack Petchey achievement awards throughout the year and the most improved trampolinists in each age group. The Jack Petchey Achievement Awards scheme, which is focused on encouraging youngsters in London and Essex aged between 11 and 25, has delivered £1,800 in sponsorship to the club this year through the achievements of this years winners who were each presented with a boxed medallion as a further recognition. This years deserving Jack Petchey winners were Eleanor Clarke, Elizabeth Nicholls, Hannah McCann, Lauren Wylie, Mark Hardiman, Natasha Holme, Sarah Daly, Scott Gregory and Stephen Page.

The results for the 'Most Improved Bouncer' awards, who each received a book token to spend as they wished, were:

The club also recognised the outstanding contribution of its volunteers, many of whom work many hours every month, with a 'Volunteer of the Year' award - this was won by Andrea Nicholls with Olive Law & Tina Page as runners-up. Finally, recognition was also given to those who had achieved promotion or other qualifications (including GB selection in 3 cases) during the year - this included Altay Erol, Chris Hawkins, Chrissie Law, Ellie Clarke, Hannah McCann, Harry Gannon, Heidi Bartlett, Kensie Sherlock, Matthew Wright, Natasha Holme, Scott Gregory & Stephen Page.

For anybody wishing to find out more about the club, or trampolining in general, you are invited to visit the club's website at - there are also often spaces available to try the sport out for all age groups.