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Some of the club's members showing off their trophies and medals after the first round of presentations

8th Brentwood Open

Following a break in competition through the summer, local Brentwood Trampoline Club hosted its 8th Annual Open competition last weekend welcoming over 200 competitors from 14 clubs around the south-east. Such open competitions give regional competitors an opportunity to compete in the same competition (although not against), leading national competitors. On this occasion the clubs' own grade 1 performers, together with others, put on a spectacular show in the middle of the day and contributed to a gratifying tally of trophies and medals won by the club. In all, of its 30 competitors on the day, no less than 19 of the club's performers received either an individual trophy or team medal, many improving on personal best scores en-route, whilst a further 7 also achieved personal best scores showing their continued improvement.

One of the club's coaches, Graham Parker, commented after the competition "I thought our members performed well today, particularly on a technical level, although we must not rest on our laurels. Our objective must be to continue to set high standards and to see that rewarded with even more success in future."


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Note to Editors: Picture © David J Kingaby, 2007