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New Competition Routines

The new competition routines apply to all ages although competitions will be broken down into Under-15 and Over-15 age groups.  This ensures that performers at any grade have the same level of skill required irrespective of age although some concession is made to different levels of physical development.  There is some regional discretion on age groups below Regional D and it has been decided that in Eastern, grades Regional G to E will also have an under-13 age group. 

Where there is more than one set routine, competitors may choose whichever they prefer although it is likely that in due course performers will be expected to attain a qualifying score with both routines before being allowed to progress to a higher grade.

Members should note in particular that all routines should start with an arm set and that there is a focus in the terminology that emphasises 'jump first and shape second'.

The routines have now been moved to the comp_routines page here.