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Historical Landmarks

The following milestone dates have been culled from a number of sources including the old BTFs' members handbook. Spot the two associations with our club.

1936   George Nissen, USA, produced the first modern trampoline.
1942   Larry Griswold (“The Diving Fool”) and Nissen created the Griswold-Nissen Trampoline & Tumbling Company.
1949   Ted Blake, Brentwood, Essex pioneered trampolining in Britain, in conjunction with Nissen.
1959   Syd Aaron, MBE, Cardiff, who was later to become President of the BTF, was one of a group of five on the first sub-committee for trampoline set up by the Gymnastics Association. In 1986 Syd Aaron was awarded the MBE for his services to Physical Education.
1961   Rob Walker, Uxbridge, Secretary of British Amateur Gymnastics Association, Trampolining sub-committee.
     1st International - BTF v Fed. Rep. of Germany.
1963   British Trampoline Association set up.
1964   International Trampoline Federation (FIT) founded; Great Britain founder country.
     George Nissen financed the first (at that time, unofficial, but later recognized) World Championships in trampolining, organized by Ted Blake, who at that time was the then FIT Vice-President, in the famous London Theatre, the Royal Albert Hall.
1965   British Trampoline Federation Ltd and English Schools Trampoline Association (ESTA) formed.
1969   First European championships – running alternate years with worlds.
1974   ESTA amalgamated with BTF
1975   Jack Kelly ran the first BTF National Squad.
1980   BTF stage the first Hermesetas World Cup.
1988   FIT obtain Olympic recognition
1989   Rob Walker, Uxbridge, awarded the FIT Gold Medal for 25 years service to the FIT
1996   FIT Membership of Federations reaches 46.
1997   IOC offer to include trampolining under gymnastics in 2000 Olympics.
2000   Trampolining appears in Olympics for first time.