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Matt & Scott competing
Grade 2 National Final & Synchro Championship - Hull 24th-25th Nov 2007

Five members travelled to the Gymtec Arena in Hull for these championships - two relatively newly qualified grade 2's and our three top boys for the Synchro.


Saturday 24th was Synchro day with Stephen Page pairing up with Jordan George from OLGA in the under-15 competition and Scott Gregory & Matthew Wright pairing up for the under-19 and men's competitions.  As so often happens in this 'Cinderella' aspect of trampolining many pairs ran into difficulties with their routines.

With a reasonable start in the set round Stephen & Jordan were well in touch and their final round score was the second highest but they were let down by an error in the first voluntary round to finish in 6th place.  Scott & Matthew fared similarly in the under-19 competition; despite having highest scores in both the set and final rounds their errors in the first voluntary round saw them also consigned to 6th place overall.  Fortunately Scott & Matthew were also competing in the Men's competition where they fought back from third place after the set round to win the overall Men's Synchro title as British Champions.

Hannah & Kensie with their trophies
Hannah & Kensie with their finalist trophies
Grade 2 Finals

These followed on Sunday 25th and with 11 year-old Hannah McCann in just her third Grade 2 competition and 9 year-old Kensie Sherlock in only her second their only expectations were to do as well as they could. Amazingly not only did they both reach the finals but Hannah came 4th out of over 50 competitors in the under-13 group and Kensie Sherlock came 7th out of over 20 in the under-11 group. What might they have done if they had had some experience?

Their scores were as follows:

 ٭New Personal Best score