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Hull English Championships and Home Nations - 22nd - 23rd November 2008

Although some weeks have passed as at today's date no results have been posted online and for numerous reasons nobody was able to remain at the competition long enough to see the presentations. 

The format of these competitions was for results to be declared on a team basis with all the English Regions competing against each other on the Saturday and the Home Nations (supposedly) competing against each other on the Sunday.  Brentwood Trampoline Club was well represented in the Eastern Trampoline Squad with 11 of the 15 individual and 12 synchro places! Those selected from Brentwood included:

Over-15 Individual male

Over-15 Individual female

Under-15 Individual female (the entire team in fact)

Synchro Pairs - Over-15 male

Synchro Pairs - Over-15 female

Synchro Pairs - Under-15 female

Following nomination by Eastern Region, Scott Gregory was selected to represent England in the Senior Male team on the Sunday. No other Eastern Region trampolinists were selected.

As and when results become available for our members they will be posted here.