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Screen print of article on Essex Police websiteEssex Police Newsline

We were delighted to see that the Essex Police were recognising one of our top young members recently. 

Sephent is a role model on a trampoline

By Nicola Bastendorff

A teenager has bounced his way into a competition that recognises and rewards young people who make a difference to others.

Essex Police Young People of the Year (YOPEY) is open to young people aged 10-25 who have a chance to win a top prize of £1,000.  The awards are sponsored by Essex Police and Essex Police Authority.

Young finalists and their supporters will go to a reception at the Radisson hotel, Stansted Airport, in March to find out who has won the top prize of £1,000.

Stephen Page, 15, from Romford, has been nominated by several teachers at Brentford County High School. Stephen has been a member of Brentwood Trampolining Club, which has 100 members aged 4-21 and meets at Brentwood School Sports Centre, for seven years.

He has competed in Prague at club level and represented Britain at youth level in Quebec at the 18th World Age Group Championships, where he finished in the top third out of 100 entrants. 

He has now qualified as an assistant coach.  Dave Kingaby, a coach at Brentwood Trampolining Club, said:  “He helps at the club and in taster sessions for the public when it does not clash with his training.”  Stephen encourages people, including his classmates, to try trampolining. “Some of his peers joked about his trampolining and made light of his achievements.  However, Stephen won them round by encouraging them to have a go and helping the teachers coach his year group for their GCSE in sport.  He’s a good role model. He’s a workhorse, committed to doing the best he can for the sport he loves and he’s always willing to help.”

Stephen likes different sports, but says trampolining gives him an adrenaline rush.  He said: “I would recommend it to other people to try. It can be difficult but the rewards are high if you achieve.” 

Inspector Kevin Whipps, head of children and young people’s policing team, said: “It is great to hear about some of the very talented young people we have in Essex.  Stephen’s trampolining achievements are very impressive.  It is also good to see that Stephen helps other young people to excel at the sport, allowing them to get as much enjoyment from it as he does.” 

To nominate a young person, aged 10-25, who gives to others and is a positive role model, log on to or write to Essex Police YOPEY, PO Box 103, Hare Street, Ware SG9 0XD for an entry form. Young people can enter themselves. Entries will close on January 31 2009 and an awards ceremony will be held at the Radisson hotel, Stansted Airport, in March.