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TITLE HOPES:  Coach Paul Kitchen with Scott, Matthew and Stephen who
are hoping to travel to Canada for the world championships

Brentwood Gazette, 3rd October 2007

Trampoline trio seek sponsorship in bid to clinch a world title

Bouncer's cash call

By Matt Harris -

THREE rising trampoline stars are appealing for sponsors to help fund a trip to a world championships in Canada.

Scott Gregory, 15, Stephen Page, 14, and Matthew Wright, 18, have all qualified for the World Trampoline Championships in Quebec City after finishing in the top four of their age groups in the British finals in July.

The championships will run for up to five days at the beginning of November and will feature talented trampolinists from some of the world’s top nations, including China, Russia, Germany and the USA.

The trio are all members of Brentwood Trampoline Club and like all those taking part in the competition have to cover the cost of making the finals.

Dave Kingaby, one of the coaches at the trampoline club, explained: “They all have to pay their way, even to the extent that the British uniform that they have to wear, they have to pay for.

“If there is anyone out there or any local company, that wants to help us to get these guys out there, it would be fantastic. We are open to offers on how they can be associated with the club."

Dave says the parents of each of the three competitors will be going, plus a coach, making 10 in total.  He says it will cost £15,000 for the group to go to the championships.

“It’s a fantastic experience just being on the world stage. This is a huge challenge for them”

Scott will compete in the under-17s age group, Stephen in the under-15s and Matthew in the under-19s and each will battle against over 100 competitors to make the final six in every age group.

“It’s a fantastic experience just being on the world stage,” said Dave. “If you can imagine the difference in competition between competing in the Premier League and the World Cup in football, well this is a similar step. This is a huge challenge for them.”

Those wishing to help with sponsorship should visit

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