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Kensie Sherlock performing in Cardiff Grade 2, 2007  Hannah McCann performing in Cardiff Grade 2, 2007

Kensie & Hannah Competing

Cardiff Grade 2 - 27th October 2007

With three competitors travelling to Cardiff the party was somewhat larger than that in Scotland.  With Hannah McCann now the 'seasoned' campaigner we saw Kensie Sherlock and Chrissie Law both attending their first grade 2 competition.  Hannah was not quite able to repeat her Scottish performance but finished well in the top group in 13th place of 50 competitors of which no less than 25 qualified to finals!

Kensie had a very encouraging start taking first place after the set round but then fell back slightly just missing a podium place in 5th place overall (of 17).  Chrissie, competing in the last flight of 3 (over 60 entries) in the under-15 girls performed well finishing in 32nd place but, unfortunately, 0.8 short of retaining score for grade 2.

The girls scores were: