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Burgess Hill Gala Weekend - 21st - 22nd February 2009

Held at Burgess Hill on 21st/22nd February we had four competing here and results were a big improvement over Cocks Moor Woods.

Stephen Page and Scott Gregory competed in the under 19 FIG B and went into the 'zero-final' in 4th and 1st place respectively securing both promotion points and their place in national finals. Unfortunately Stephen didn't finish his final vol and so ended in 8th place but Scott continued to focus well on strong form on a much-reduced tariff and performed well enough to take 2nd place.

The under 15 National C competition with Hannah McCann and Charlotte Webb was over 60 strong so reaching finals was a big ask. Charlotte did a near-repeat of her West Midlands scores, securing a second qualifying score for nationals, and was placed 11th overall, Hannah was 1st placed after preliminaries with both finals qualification and a promotion point in the bag, the zero final, however, saw her pipped at the post by 0.5 to take 2nd place.

Scores were as follows: