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Bournemouth Grade 1 - 3rd June 2007

Scott was withdrawn owing to an ongoing injury, but travelled to the comp to support the others.

Natasha's group was, once again, the 1st of the day, beginning at 9.00am.  Her normally strong set was somewhat below her normal performance leaving her in 16th place of 26.  A reasonable voluntary routine pulled her back but she missed the final by 2 places finishing in 10th place.  Nevertheless a good performance giving her a clean sweep of qualifying scores for the year.

Gemma, who was looking for scores to qualify her to national finals arrived determined to do just that.  Beginning mid-afternoon and looking confident in warm-ups, her set although below her best, still reached the nationals qualifying score for the round. Unfortunately her vol. was less reliable, travelling significantly and scoring a combined score of 52.38 being a new personal best but just short of the required 53.5.

Steven, having arrived early to support the others, was in the last group of the day.  He was aiming to maintain his position of strength in the age group with an eye on selection for the world championships later this year. Yet again he showed the consistency required for international representation with confident performances in both preliminary rounds (with a personal best set score), and securing a finals place in 3rd position, which he held on to by improving his round score by 0.6.

Their results were:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place Qualification
Natasha Holme U15 Girls 22.9 22.1 + 8.5 (30.6) 53.5     53.5 10/27 Qualified Nationals
Gemma Phillips U17 Girls 22.78 21.9 +7.7 (29.6) 52.38 ٭     52.38 11/16  
Stephen Page U15 Boys 24.2٭ 21.4 + 8.3 (29.7) 53.9 22.1 + 8.2 (30.3) 84.2 3/12 Qualified Nationals
Scott Gregory U17 Boys                 Withdrawn

 ٭ New Personal Best score