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Birmingham NIA National Finals - 24th-25th July 2010

Following the retirement of Scott Gregory & Stephen Page from competition this was one of our lowest attendances at National Finals with just four competing, Hannah McCann, Charlotte Webb, Chrissie Law & Anthony Williams.  It was also the first in many years nobody managed to win a trophy or, indeed, get through to finals day - better fortune for 2011 we hope!

Hannah & Charlotte were definitely the victims of poor set routines with them lying in 15th & 12th respectively after set; they both performed impressive voluntary routines pulling them equal scoring but, on tie break, finishing in 9th & 10th and just outside qualification for finals day.   Chrissie's results did not reflect her training performance but were, sadly, not enough to lift her into contention.  Anthony started off brightly in 3rd place after set but, in common with the chap leading, failed to complete his voluntary and slid to the bottom of the leader board.

The round-up of scores was:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place
Hannah McCann U15 FIG B 22.2 22.5 + 8.2 (30.7) 52.9     52.9 9/18
Charlotte Webb U15 FIG B 22.6 22.8 + 7.5 (30.3) 52.9     52.9 10/18
Chrissie Law U17 Nat C 21.8 20.5 + 6.3 (26.8) 48.6     48.6 29/37
Anthony Williams O19 Nat C 22.9 10.9 + 4.5 (15.4) 38.3     38.3 17/17