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Birmingham Gala Weekend - 22nd-23rd May 2010

Only two members competed this time round, Charlotte Webb and Chrissie Law although with relatively poor results they may have regretted doing so.  Charlotte pulled off a slightly below par set round leaving her in 19th and then fell after 3 moves in her vol. dropping her to 27th of 29 and 'on a warning' * for her next competition.  Chrissie did somewhat better, in 12th after the set (usually her strongest round) she pulled up slightly to 11th overall and at least in the top-third of the group.

Their detailed results were:

Competitor Group Set Vol SubT Final Total Place Qualification
Charlotte Webb U15 FIG B 21.7 6.0 + 1.9 (7.9) 29.6     29.6 27/29  
Chrissie Law U17 Nat C 22.5 21.7 + 6.3 (28.0) 50.5     50.5 11/37  

 *  two warnings would result in relegation to National C