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Birmingham National Finals - 2nd July 2005

Although four of our members qualified to the Nationals, two were injured and so only Scott Gregory and Stephen Page competed - but didn't they do well!!

Competing in the tough under-15 age group, Scott Gregory was understandably nervous being one of the youngest in the 17-strong group, his set round reflected this leaving him in 11th place although not out of touch on 24.6 just 0.7 behind the leader. In the voluntary round Scott managed to pull up one place scoring 23.1+8.4 ensuring he was in the finals. Clearly injected with confidence, Scott scored joint highest form marks in the final round (24.0+8.5) and pulled up into 6th place with an overall score of 88.6.

Stephen Page, in his last year in under-13, was less nervous than Scott and set off well in the 13-strong group in 4th place after the set round with 23.6, a place he retained into the final scoring 22.8+7.0 in the voluntary. The final again saw strong attention to form and scoring the highest form marks in the final with 23.5+7.0, Stephen pulled up a place into 3rd with an overall score of 83.9.

Scott & Stephen enjoying their trophies, Scott is pictured on the left and Stephen on the right